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to our collection of inspirational and
motivational quotations/pictures at Inspirational
Think Tank(ITT)

Our goal is to “To Spread Inspirational,
Motivational , Positive And Encouraging Thoughts Around The World”. Please take
out time to Read and Contemplate on a Good Thought Daily. It is the best gift
you can give to yourself and your loved ones.

Hi, I am Sheela Jain, founder of InspirationalThinkTank.Com. I am an
Inspirational & Positive Thinker. Reading and collecting books of
quotations is one of my hobbies. Whenever I’m feeling down or have a looming
personal problem, I turn to my books/computer for some inspiration and words of
wisdom. I believe that we should live life according to our own personal
values, dreams, intuition, and passions and not follow the crowd. Be more. Do less.

“Spread Happiness, enjoy life and be
nice to others, and you will not only brighten your day alone but someone
else’s too.”

Together we will use this site to
preserve good thoughts to inspire myself and others. We hope to leave
the world a little better, a little inspired & we will keep trying…

Read and Contemplate on a Good
Thought Daily. It enriches the soul. With great care and passion, we
update the site every day with inspirational quotes and pictures. The intention
is to Reach out & Touch Hearts. Please share with your loved ones.

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Majority of the images and
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In case you come across a photograph, which you feel is your’s without a
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